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At Watson Electric Ltd, our core business is in the supply and manufacture of Carbon Brushes to industry. We also offer a large range of other carbon based products and ancillary items, such as brush holders, slip rings, commutators, bearings, seals, vanes and maintenance products.

About Us

Watson Electric Ltd was founded in 1978, its initial priority being to provide a fast and efficient service for the delivery of carbon brushes to electric rewinders and various other end users. We now keep thousands of brushes in stock, but also offer same-day manufacturing of non-stock parts if required. Based in the UK, we supply quality carbon brushes globally to a variety of clients. We can supply most brushes within 1 to 2 days, however, large quantity orders may take longer but could benefit from a bulk pricing structure.

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Watson Electric Ltd. Forklift parts

We now supply parts for forklift trucks & handling equipment

Carbon Brushes

We carry 1000s of brushes in stock, though they can be made to order within 24 hours if required urgently

Brush Holders

Our brush holders are available in a wide range of sizes for different applications


We carry a selection of commutators in stock, and can source different sizes and styles for customers


We can supply low quantity to high production volumes, and also have the facility to carry out repairs on damaged sliprings

Carbon Vanes

Carbon Vanes have been widely used for different applications, such as dry running rotating compressors, vacuum pumps and mobile compressors

Copper Contacts

A wide range of shapes and sizes of Copper contacts can be made to order


Components are manufactured from low friction, self-lubricating materials which are chemically inert


Impregnated carbon or resin bonded materials are available for machined seal rings. The grade of the material is selected to suit the chemical, environmental and running conditions

Maintenance Products

We hold an extensive range of maintenance products in stock



For all enquiries, please contact our sales office


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